Our keynote speaker for DFPTC 2019 is Janette Kothe, since 2011 attached to Bosch Rexroth. We spoke to her about connected hydraulics, sharing experiences and the need for our hydraulic community to look beyond the technical developments in digital transformations.

Janette has a Masters degree in Mechatronics, and joined Bosch Rexroth in 2011. After a few years in Innovation Management for Industrial Hydraulics Controls, she joined Technical Sales Support for IoT Systems. ‘We have the freedom to explore possibilities as a startup, with all the tools of Bosch Rexroth in our pocket to take the steps we need.’

One example of the output is the Bosch Rexroth whitepaper called ‘A guide for industrial providers: How to create new Industry 4.0 products’ of which Janette is one of the authors.

 ‘Digital transformation is more than technology, more than business cases.’ 

Keynote for DFPTC

Her focus on DFPTC will not be too much about the technological side of Intelligent Hydraulics, we will learn a lot about that in our break-out sessions. ‘I believe it’s all about sharing experiences, on how to shape the 4th technical revolution,’ she says, ‘in this I focus on three perspectives: desirability, technological questions, but of course also the business perspective, how fallible is it. I will present a dual strategy to the audience about our experience with framework and orientation points. The upcoming digital transformation influences not only business models, but also different technologies. Companies need to answer how to use the possibilities of this technologies.’

‘Hydraulics is well established and rather conservative, we should not underestimate the speed and impact of the digital developments’

‘As a community we have the task to look to our customers, how do they use hydraulics and what type of behavior is desired. We should not focus to much on business models alone.’

We’re looking forward to Janettes presentation on October 10th. Make sure you don’t miss it, and register today.