An interview with Morten Henneberg of C.C. Jensen about his presentation at DFPTC 2019.

De tweede presentatie van DFPTC 2019 wordt gegeven door C.C. Jensen in samenwerking met PAMAS GmbH. Morten Henneberg, Head of Innovation & Validation at C.C. JENSEN, komt speciaal voor DFPTC naar Nederland. Wij interviewden hem over de samenwerking met PAMAS en zijn presentatie op 10 oktober.

Morten Henneberg, has been involved with C.C. Jensen for eight years now. Started as an application engineer, he later did his PhD about condition monitoring. So he is no stranger in the field of smart applications. We are happy to welcome him at DFPTC 2019 on October 10th. Together with Paul Pollmann, Technical Sales Director for PAMAS GmbH, he will give a presentation about methodology for measuring warnings related to wear degradation and wear particles in a wind turbine’s gearbox, by particle counting starting from 1.5 µm(c).

What’s special about the collaboration between C.C. Jensen and PAMAS GmbH?
Henneberg explains: ‘The focus in our research on wear particles is below the currently lowest standard detection limit of 4 μm(c), by using a sensor based on light scattering technology where particle counting starts from 1.5 μm(c). We relate 8 months of operational data of a healthy wind turbine and compare sensitivity and performance of a light scattering and a light blockage sensor. We are clear about eachothers competence. PAMAS delivers the sensor technology and hardware, C.C. Jensen the platforms in terms of the location, windturbine, installation of equipment, data acquisition and data interpretation. The collaboration between both parties is a win win situation Minor issues are solved quickly, a true partnership making use of each other’s specialties.’

Do you see any differences with applying these developments with customers in different countries?
C.C. Jensen works global, so Henneberg is used to working with engineers worldwide. ’I’m stationed in Denmark, but have customers in Europe, the U.S., but also in the Australian and Chinese market. But from my point of view I don’t see much difference between these cultures. When I speak with the engineers we all speak the same language. When we have something that’s useful, we want to embed this in our daily routine. My cooperation with my sales colleagues makes this a win-win situation. In the Netherlands I of course work a lot with Marco van Boven (red. Global Key Account Manager at C.C. Jensen). Together we can show the possibilities this brings for the market.’

What will be the highlights of your presentation at DFPTC 2019?
‘We are going to let the audience experience what has been installed and also the measurements and what can be concluded. It’s not all about the particles count, but also the distribution, and how to get usable information for conditioning monitoring. This is what really matters.’

What will we see from CC Jensen in 2020 and beyond?
CC Jensen will keep developing this technology to innovate the oil lubricated industry in order to achieve true condition monitoring enabling condition based maintenance on the basis of data and enriched data models.

In een volgend interview ook de visie van Paul Pollmann van PAMAS GmbH op dit onderwerp. Houd hiervoor onze kanalen in de gaten.

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